nochnoy dozor – From jokes about Harry Potter

Author: nochnoy dozor
Name: From jokes about Harry Potter

Song Lyrics

There was a light on Anton Gorodetsky
Gave his wife, he was sad not a child.
He came to the witch, "Come to me conjure"
"Easy, my good! Just clap your hands.
And his wife will come back, turn away from,
And a little life inside of it breaks off. "
But suddenly swooped on a witch shadow
Bringing say "There is no crime!"
"Well, what are you, what are you downcast eyes?
Give up, witch! The night Watch!"

And the world cracked in half,
Fumes break.
And bloodshed, there is a war
Good against evil.
And the fading light, the spider in the corners
Weaves a pattern.
On the dark streets of flies
The night Watch…

II. And Anton realized that he had acted badly
And the fact that it spread like a witch Lohan
But the power of the Other in Antonov's eye,
This means that it will work in the Watch.
Years passed, Gorodetsky not tuzhit:
Vodka suppresses, with vampires friends.
Head good - wise Gesar,
He was Deputy Minister of the USSR.

But the cause, you need to go soon
Vampire Barber of his girlfriend
In the den to themselves lured a teenager,
We decided to have dinner just vile.
Anton arrived, a fight broke out.
With great difficulty, but all are killed Ghoul.
But a pair of scissors was seriously wounded in the battle,
When death was, you might say, on the edge.
But its kind Cesar cured quickly.
Still would! Aby who do not take to the deputy ministers!


III. And then the trouble for trouble, like clockwork.
The crow flew into the turbine aircraft
In the heating plant something exploded,
A light was guilty of all.
But, having met the handsome Anton, in love,
And the destruction stopped.
But the evil of Zebulun Watch Day
I made of son Anton Other.
And how to deal with our hero?
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