Noize MC – God As A DJ

Author: Noize MC
Name: God As A DJ

Song Lyrics

..heh, listening to this song will reduce your life by three-to-a-half minutes ... do not mind ...?

What will happen when I am gone? Tombstone
With my photo and the words "Alekseev Ivan,
One thousand nine hundred eighty-five dash two thousand and something? "
Or is something else after that moment,

When I was in my eyes the last time I will cover -
The paradise does not get, do not pass Gdańsk face-control.
One hundred pounds will be killed in the trash, security propalit,
We'll have to, as always, to leave, showing them the middle finger.

But I will try to give me a flyer
At this party - suddenly MAZ still prokanaet.
Who knows? In the light of things happen.
I wonder how much in ecstasy there, and who is pushing?

Do your acquaintances meeting? Yes, unlikely ...
If the meeting will greatly surprised and delighted pancake.
But they probably will swirl in the Underworld,
Uh, by the way, do you hear who it was behind the decks tonight?

In the local bar no alcohol,
Without drugs all rushing to the dance floor.
I feel this party more than -
Music is not the little, God Is A DJ ...

Oh, it's in the peephole of the calf with a scythe,
Persistently knocking, shouting, "Open!" - Neuzh something for me?
That sucks ... Che, it's time? Come on, I'm after the early -
First my wife behind me was not even married!

All normal clothes in the wash, what to wear, what to me?
You mean the dress code could not think club, your mother ???
If I could have called, warned - Th, so it was a bastard?
Or phone number forgotten ???

I f you give it, you remember, then, in the intensive care unit?
Probably written ugly - did not obey your fingers, damn ...
Okay, Now I go, obuyus - and leave immediately.
Plaque-fly, where my white Adidas ???


I do not wear for a long time crucifix
And the thought did not even keep on fasting,
Places where I can be on Sunday - the list is not short of,
But the word "church", believe me, you're there otyschesh unlikely.

Let anyone accuses me what he wants,
Hell's torments me differently and predicts other (there).
Am I right or not - I do not know, I do not hurry to find out,
The method is only one, and I will refrain for now.

One day, I still know exactly
I will write to you, Che as a yes, if I find there is a post office,
But life has not yet been given a kick in the ass to me.
Well, who's without sin? Let us reach for your stones!

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