nu a hule stv – Go to the hy

Author: nu a hule stv
Name: Go to the hy

Song Lyrics

from those who were "for" the sky broke
those who were "against" heated paw
of those who were "for" no one left
those who were "against" go fuck (2)

I zhru scourge of packages, however
go fuck
money, enthusiasm, power, V.I.P
go fuck
Leave a couple of thrusts, the guy
go fuck
money, clubs, your fashion

beats me by the balls
contradictions fist
nuc they shall not pass
Those who went out to meet
Life - it is a farce
that cripples people
life - this is my deceit
in it I endless

tear to shreds the night
leaving the sky a dash
gray and wise architect
Star de-energize
let crease with you
on this sad note
I as usual for
you habitually against

let's not go during the day, at night the way freer
let's not go trodden path like other
let's not go all, taking liberties
Let's break the sky on the stupid conventionality
let's not laugh it's not serious
Let's rehearse the apocalypse, it is too late
is our way understood, and the light is not blinding,
why do not you do not mind, but I'm not in favor.
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