odnono feat SunSay – House

Author: odnono feat SunSay
Name: House

Song Lyrics

Imagine that you live in a world where there is no time ... You're not getting older, and joy in the heart does not end ... Around you beautiful beings woven from love and kindness ... The rules of this generous country establishment. All deal with him as an equal: for someone He's a friend for whom - the beloved, and for someone - a child ... At the same time, he is the perfect origin. And suddenly, you begin to envy him, do you want to become as powerful ... start a solo career. There where there is sincerity - there is no room for such feelings. And the ruler takes your desire - brings you to the world of illusion. It is a temporary ... just a shadow, a fake, but here you can be master of himself and do whatever they want: enjoy the power to kill, proud of its beauty, and to show off the wealth ... I want to go back home ... And you?
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