odnono feat SunSay – Throw open your heart wide open

Author: odnono feat SunSay
Name: Throw open your heart wide open

Song Lyrics

Throw open your heart wide open,
From anxiety and doubts cleared.
Breathe in the truth instead of falsehood,
Joy exhale instead of greed.
Will my soul is a spacious house,
Without walls ceilings floors -
Do not burn it, do not open with a crowbar.
It is open: no doors or locks.
Let it burn, like the lamp in the temple
A beacon for those who are in darkness.
They were sorry for their kindness
But as you and me.
And now I want to heart,
Expanding the sky,
Put yourself in the universe -
Endless shower ethereal dance.
And let zakruzhatsya dance
Birds, spirits, planets, people -
You came here to enjoy!
Smile will be free!
Out of immeasurable house uninvited guests
And no one came in vain -
In the world there is no bad or good -
There are lucky and unlucky.
It is important to heart saw
Through the gloom and scorn,
For the bitterness and disbelief
Each spark of pure light.
To open the chest tat
Not blinking was in charge of safely!
To look in his deep
Heals, saves, warmed
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