odnono feat SunSay – Eternity

Author: odnono feat SunSay
Name: Eternity

Song Lyrics

Nothing lasts forever - not even what we call eternal.
And we can not know for sure - it is infinite and that he would die.
Through millions of years, or one year. And suddenly, an hour?
- We do not know. Our fate - today.
And once somewhere in the universe
Nine sisters jumped over the fire.
Like it like the great shaman - the celestial lion.
He chose only one.
Invited to the fire is not too close,
Away from sparks - to a mild heat. Whispered love.
She warmed up, changed,
But soon I forgot how to say thank you. And it changed again.

Now on her body burns ozone,
Flies buzz annoyingly around satellites.
Aching blisters on the body - military bases
With stocks of atomic bombs and rocket launchers.
Fighters in turbid eyes.
In the veins of the battlecruiser, the oil splashes.
Scythes of lush forests were cut.
And she left her graying of stumps -
Is this old age?

Earth. And suddenly one day
Almighty Shaman grow cold to her - extinguish the flames.
What will happen then to us, because we are her children and for her to answer.
What to do? Where to go?
Himself the world go round, but not pivot.
Warming of those who are near, and not to fight.
Not mean, but to act.
To live and not to make profit and to trust your heart?
Maybe this is our eternity?
Eternity Now.

We would like an eternity now
Not in a year. Not an hour later - right now.
Live infinity - that is our eternity.
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