oksana bіlozіr – Candle (music M.Skoryk)

Author: oksana bіlozіr
Name: Candle (music M.Skoryk)

Song Lyrics

In the window flashing candle,
Iniquity of the shoulders trembled,
By flying the truth.
Where native land,
De Naga Ukraine famine
Lashed to bend
Not a day, not an hour ...

Candle lights povivala.
Mother baby swaddled,
They said therefore Lyrics
On the bitter affliction, affliction goal,
About alien horde of blood-black,
Let petrified.

In view dohasala candle.
Mother baby kolysala
Not in the cradle, no,
Not in a cradle but in a coffin.
The dead in ditches, their millions.
By dumb bells churches moan.
Ukraine Who is God,
Now help ?!

In the window candles do not blow out.
The complaints and lamentations still hear -
All people sense.
So far, unfortunately to tears,
Those that are not in season
They train derailed famine
So their memory forever.

In the window flashing candle ...
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