oleg kenzov – Think as if a sweet dream

Author: oleg kenzov
Name: Think as if a sweet dream

Song Lyrics

Maples autumn gold dropping by the day
If you walk through the streets of the city, remember me,
Listening to the radio sounds tired, remember me,
And seeing the guests certainly remember me

Remember me tear dropping into single thought
Himself lose in the long calendar of the numbers
Away from the evil eye, evil gossip and quarrels
Think like a sweet dream
Yet all I promise I'll go back
Again to drown without a memory in your eyes
Inhaling the smell of yours, a fresh sea
I'll be the most caring and gentle mother.
I tear the clothes you dropped into silk
Do not say "goodbye" just say "so far"
Moaning decibels passion
Give me hope to hear the word "hello"
I'm sorry for the fact that is difficult to let go
Without you I'm my own and do not know how to live
The existence day after day, remember

Remember me Forgotten Chronicle broken days
Remember me by removing shift deleyt
Do not forget to sneak asleep on his shoulder
Remember but nezheleyuchi
I'm drunk as usual but alas you
And there is nothing left with the fact that we called
As soon as the pack vpereplet thoughts with dreams
Alas, we are not heroes comedy melodrama
Hepiend not shine us in possession
No I'm not Matthew Wit and you do not Alexi
Who instead of me you warms your hands
And in my heart dosihpor emptiness of separation
Day and night in the shower only ice
I hope hopeless love in your lives ...
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