Queen Chrysalis/Princess Cadence – This Day Aria|RUS|

Author: Queen Chrysalis/Princess Cadence
Name: This Day Aria|RUS|

Song Lyrics

This day will be perfect
On this day I dreamed from an early age,
Pony everywhere saying how beautiful your outfit,
But this evening, it's my ticket to power

The day was perfect,
On this day I dreamed from an early age,
That's just instead of entertainment
And cheerful greetings,
This wedding for me so there is no more

I do not need clothes
sweets and I will drive leg
Someday I will read the oath
Like in joy and in sorrow for the knee is the sea,
Actually I'm not in a hurry love
The heart does not belong to him
Why those feelings to nothing,
But he will be mine I want

Most run on a celebration
I can not live without it
Hopefully I never tell
That love is not the case
Save your nerves need
I'm not the same, because I love treasure

You do not need me
Only to be with him in the dark
Oh-oh-oh Shayning Armour
I miss you

That moment has arrived it is time for the ball
It is time to put an end to the bustle

The wedding will start soon too

Life is a nightmare turn
Armour will Shayning
My and only my
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