♥Ri – song in the music school

Author: ♥Ri
Name: song in the music school

Song Lyrics

Somewhere far, far away on the edge of the earth
Where-ever we have never been
Timetables are no longer true
And that day, all in a row north wind.

Where the white snow, white snow will fall from the sky
Where there is a ray of sunshine never please
This winter kingdom, among the rocks and polar dreams
It now lives my love and love will die.

Cold, cold, I'm so cold
Cold, cold, enchanted
Cold, cold, beneath the ice it
But I did not hurt her, just cold.
(2 times)

You wanted to kill, remember everything, but I do not remember
Everything is white, the white color of silence
Here, that year only snowstorm, blizzard without end
And polar night would never end.

No one now is not found, covered his tracks
Prolonged sadness - that my tears shed
Crumbles away white gold
And it does not hurt anyone, just cold. ♥
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