samie krasivie lyudi SA:MP-a – Новый вертяк (Prod. By Scriptonite)

Author: samie krasivie lyudi SA:MP-a
Name: Новый вертяк (Prod. By Scriptonite)

Song Lyrics

"New vertyak» feat. Skriptonit

[Verse 1: Skriptonit]
Soon the sunset, with the affairs of a mess
I have a new Zhai, another new miscue
Here, the center of the roof area with Tastak
Do not click fucked, let your Hapay vtoryak

Shmuck, six in Indira golimy empty stomach
I'll do the bass, I no longer need a jamb
Not sueger by Murka, not super trendy tramp
You palish my soul ?! Dick there, you palish into a ravine!

Brother on my phone, not by the studios to
Vertyachili and got into another bluden
Poboku to relationships, when we are here we turn
All the former with one voice: '' My ex muden he .. ''

Throw these hoodies, I'm on the roof in a sweet town,
You are puffed up, but I bluff beard ..
We are tired but not in bounds, Pavlodar in Almaty
Select how you would not tearing Koten ..)

We either infantry or in the back in the car.
Steadily blowing, blowing the smoke out the window ..
Everything would be fine, and we are not strained, but
Again we decide our new vertyak!

Our new vertyak, Our new vertyak,
Our new vertyak, Our new vertyak.
Whose new vertyak! My new vertyak,
Your new vertyak, Our new vertyak.

[Verse 2: Truwer]
As for hello my word, voice cracks
I break, I do not care how deep punctures
Cabbage, poloho, debauchery and lust.
PVL backward throw and fuck!

Yes, I am tall and wild, salam ATA
Jagdan alarming, but it does not matter.
You hear the ringing ?! I hear similar concerns as I there
Sheaves spray, but the spray is not yet Fantan.

I'll let you know where and how srastetsya, I'll let you know
So, while there is a hip-hap there dvizhnyak so,
Every day I press F5
Trying to throw the problem, drawing vertyak (balls)

Good morning, scattered life.
The Day After Tomorrow - is a film, and I'm taking today and the risk
I will write and shit, push of speech
Danced on the stage and go unnoticed bitch.
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