Sancho (spm 62) – Happy New Year! 31 December 2013

Author: Sancho (spm 62)
Name: Happy New Year! 31 December 2013

Song Lyrics

I'm not talking here ostavatsya brother
I preduprazhdal that there a limit traffic
you do not care about what I'm writing
Let's pile on the bass, I ask you

one on one, or not strong enough
then all at one say he kneaded
I write about something nakonune new year
I am writing for writing the truth about the power of words

and I do not need shock in the back
zero one two three four will move
than the smell of these streets at night
now so quiet it was much louder

whiskey with cola plus strong coffee
cigarette is enough means juzat
these streets right up until the morning
with the same as I have with the same stubborn

we congratulate you hope it will bring
this drunken melancholy mirthless new year
we congratulate heartily who do not know themselves
Respect those who are far from who dreams

tell a dick on Spring Street
outside heat to heat the street
what is happening to this world what is happening
that 2014 will
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