Sasha Edem – Sasha around vinovin

Author: Sasha Edem
Name: Sasha around vinovin

Song Lyrics

Preface 11c

every word .. pure lie, a dirty truth
My feeling is the fruit born without a mother ..

text 22c

Today a strange day, I think, what is wrong
I do not have now, I was lost in my mind
and you, too, screaming for nothing as the others?
I love when all is well, when another "native"

when they were the first thoughts about life together
and all your friends in an instant, become redundant
when I came to your house, that would not be scared
you fall asleep one was, but the guest was your Sasha ..

text 47c

to me it is very important to know that you left in the inside
because you once was for me more than life
I will call you baby .. because the fool
but now I ostaetsya, sit down and think

Sasha around vinovin way, if someone does not know
I only spoke empty words ..
because it still does not feel someone is desired
I no longer believe your eyes ..

the sun has gone down on the ground, saw him in the dirty puddles
there were only wounds the heart, which treatment, at all do not need to

we're no longer friends, we failed to contact
and all my words, so be it .. dirty truth
It must understand that my action is justified as you
because you did not want to meet, if you remember

text 1m31s

That Awkward Moment when you quit
Sasha vinovin around, it's no longer news
and who does not know again, that I am the most lousy
unsociable now, but not so bad ..

and do not write to me about love, it is not normal
where instead of your photo, your boyfriend on the Ave
when everything is fleeting, as the years pass
when I am forgotten your warmth, and all that is between us ..

(a heart)

text 1m58s

become solid as a rock, under the shower, but the drop for sharpen his
not get there without the heat of your hands, but you see, I managed myself

a chance encounter, your eyes lie ..
life is not recalled the vicious circle
which lead me, my new path
back to you, right now, I can not

I'm not alone, and waiting for me at home
you do not love, I write about it
it is not treated, forget the noise
Farewell my dear, because I'm leaving

text 2m32s

every word .. pure lie, a dirty truth
My feeling is the fruit born without a mother ..
no plans for tomorrow, because we have become strangers
and what's your name I do not remember, I'm a little drunk ..

and even be sober again, I'm happy again
I began to love again .. that is next to me
and you have a completely different, I was not comfortable with you
It will be deleted files, feelings kittens - drown
and as it was not a shame, it is my personal experience
that every man, whoever he was not getting away!
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