sergey sazanov – Just swan

Author: sergey sazanov
Name: Just swan

Song Lyrics

Going a little earlier than sit,
Taking a familiar pose,
Rushes eyes are not the views -
Pointe - a true prose.

Being an actress is so thin genre
How I dreamed you could not solve.
Mom probably told as a child,
That event - it spontaneously.

You missed the century, a princess -
You're naked in the century laws.
Baptize black mass
In a battle of standards.

And as the bisector
Capers breaks gaze.
Prince fihtivny your behind the scenes
Waiting for the triumph or shame,

He does not know yet is still young.
You teach to believe in the truth,
Being naive, a little sly,
And keep vseobemlyaschy cold.

A confidence - not scared,
Just know that tomorrow - the work,
From fatigue nerves tickled,
But more to the edge - how to paradise.

Pas de deux your flawlessly.
You smile because in karmenovski.
Because tomorrow the sign
You'll be with him, maybe even forever.
As a native.
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