SlaY – Last time.

Author: SlaY
Name: Last time.

Song Lyrics

Vpret will not say the words I love
Juli on if you do not see
Finally erased your number come out a smoke
Life as we all nicotine dishim
Squeezed out of the soul like a squeezed lemon
You said that I was such a good
But I was not good but the good he
And I will not have to tear down what was
And I did not create one choice you do chose
Yes, I drank drank drank quite a few
But I knew what I wanted, I would like to first
I'm tired, I come pour me more containers
Fierce winter washed behind my footprints
And you knew in advance we were alone
Juli, you expensive it dearer to me than you
And all the days that I was with you replaced the smoke
I wanted to fuck and seven and I ostepinits
Fuck it is necessary to better blow and napitsya
This is the principle and you zhdёsh More campaign
And I freak myself from stall to the home
And I almost forgot, and do not miss
Only under shafe and then at night
And you vklyuchish this record for the first test well
Juli turned out not so good myself.
Fuck it, we need to be with you druzmi
All that I will leave for you is the memory
Nahua you met me and between us
I'm guilty of that, too, pressed then add
You know I made a mistake that people do not change
What do you remember me in everything finally falls
The difference is not seen but notice that you
I have not the one which you loved

You forget me, I beg like a bad dream
Let someone else overshadow my face
And I'm with someone but not with you
And you end up with in the other end with another I
The snow will cover the city as well as in that year
But I probably will not come anymore
It removes you from the memory and for the last time
I will write poems where there is nothing about us
I do not know how to do more could you tolerate
If it succeeds it would send fuck
Well, who else of us did not know how to love
And I'm just like chuil than here smelled
Oh, I am such a person I can not believe again
If he was betrayed if delivered at the base
I did not become a new just changed places
In those years, someone will not be on the new text
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