Slay-D – It does not exist

Author: Slay-D
Name: It does not exist

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
She has no heart. it is not suschstvuet!
But how general it was possible to fall in love with this?
No exit from the mind, who do not know in whose cage?
Two parallel? It sounds fucking childish!
I spit on your opinion, your ears
Equally surprising links to please the soul
Not at nothing utolimye, wild animals
The ability of any proptanny as inspiration.
Maybe I'm sentimental pain.
Look it leaves a wound on the heart to the blood.
Perhaps much covers, after a small dose
Its mutual sympathy. Wiping her tears
Both thought that separates us only reality
Scale desire to be together and to feel the joy.
How to forget you, tell me, I'm powerless
At least I want to have a moment with you combined!

Not meeting the sunset with you. You are not in reality.
I close the eyes. In the dream, nervously running to you!

Verse 2:
Hot summer, my friends and by degrees m
I look only at you, but do not even know myself
your name. and in a strange way I can not go
be closer to you. show interest!
all to you are pressed, they say you're cool, devchёka.
I humbly watching you standing in stornke.
you do not want to notice me. I can not do that
I was in a wild shock of that much!
I'm going to leave, I want to put a smoke
I see you standing in the doorway, smiling cute
whisper in my ear that you vymesel my fantasies
I believe in your being, and it is our due!
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