Slay-D [KIDOK CORP.] – Режим Страданий (tattoo_battle_r3) vs. Lawanda

Author: Slay-D [KIDOK CORP.]
Name: Режим Страданий (tattoo_battle_r3) vs. Lawanda

Song Lyrics

Verse 1:
Everyone says rich supply of lavender, lies - you poverty.
You call the devil would be an insult to the devil.
I have graven thee route palish now, bitch, you're back
On exit from a battleship from the judges forefinger.
Let's see which of the two of us tearing ahead
I will obey your muse yourself, call me God Apollo.
You can hardly expect for your soul the wrath of the Gods.
You take on their enemies choke - pathetic pneumococcus
You love to friends, sorry, that is very rare
You are a side effect of the sexual life of their ancestors.
I wanted to move mountains, to take the victory, calling themselves detya indigo.
But ardent mountain people you have turned your head instantly
Your body is a clear sign abnormalities
Your knowing the tree of life, we immediately commit follies
Be aware that a couple of our not Slay-D and lawanda
All the worse, then kidOk corporation and Nebanano

Chorus: (x2)
You try to prevent war
But you disgusting nonsense tightened
In my world, I have assignments later stripped
To feel you are suffering mode

Verse 2:
Battles will leave a conditioned reflex for you
Feeling my head - you suppress the repressor
The same style that people called plagiarism
But sometimes no better than the originals themselves pirates.
Every atom of my feeling for your dissatisfaction, but
Something went wrong in your plans, all broken dually
You could not leave without the help of my out here in particular.
One you are useless as one autosome.
You - it is something similar to my kid repom.
My rap is like a ray - has a beginning but no end.
According to his will, I would have burned your body to the ground.
Heavy load on your shoulders pripodnes, you fucking atlas.
I'm your last stage - and it must be remembered
Because of me, lavender, on Batlle not take root
Me to feed your adrenaline "
In your pot, alas, I was hydrogen sulfide instead of water poured
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