sneid. [aykenflay] – Свободная [GREAT_BATTLE_2_R1]

Author: sneid. [aykenflay]
Name: Свободная [GREAT_BATTLE_2_R1]

Song Lyrics

rappers lick for passage to the judges, my turn
put on your knees each who is God
because no worthy opponents, one nonsense
that monotonously read out in their tracks cal

I moved to a new level, level up
shut your mouth and take away from the face powder
then there is no choice and I will not give you a chance
all read my lips: no one alive to stay

I'm in the role of an old man will teach you to take a punch
I will try to get around but you're late
I am here I will build noise foundations scrapped at once
exploding with enthusiasm ready to set fire to the fuse

call me a demon even though an angel I do not care
a thousand words and will not help to keep this fight
inside lit by the fire and I will not go out
it is time to start wearing a mask

you never ever to become the first
I'm breaking the circuit, disassemble opponents
apart to pieces blowing this strange world
breathe, if you can go there and
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