solnechnaya – Love Shit Story (prod. by L-Trang,Nails Squad Studio)

Author: solnechnaya
Name: Love Shit Story (prod. by L-Trang,Nails Squad Studio)

Song Lyrics

At night the music is quieter and calmer breathing world
You're out there on your area can not hear me
It's a sad Love Story shield, you know ..
No picture, but only a sketch, and you erase it
on the other side of the diagonals of the monitor,
another area, other walls, other people's balconies
izvozhu themselves kilobytes sad songs
why do not close, if the world is so small?
 how is it that the brain me again dynamite
It stops the system as broken plug
As long as the heart on the throne, and ruled me
Skipping, goal, I was flying.
and only a few who understand writing
You know, this track you and I breathe you,
This topic should be sugary-sweet
But I'm tired of stupid to wait that will be all right
And where once it all come from?
feelings, lyrics, poetry, and dreams?
Someday I'll write a love song with a happy endom
and is as follows: Emotion, poetry and dreams
I did not fall asleep until the line tight in the bit will not lay down
While not a pile of words will find the procedure in the head
You're out there somewhere, in the area of ​​a smoke you let
Let me into your world until the world had melted

This is my shield lavas Story
Who has not tired of these stories?
Should I light a fire in the dark?
If it is warm dim light

I spent the evening not with you, but at least with your photos
That smile and eyes, they look so hunt
We deserve divides all those other guys
I'm probably a fool to me that something is wrong
Charging the phone calls and the body in the morning
I want to be quiet, as the enlightened Buddha
But foolish to try to swim against the tide
And do not ignore the strong attraction
 irrelevant rock or rap
What's in your column today siskin or crack
For me, everything has been said simple phrases
We still are not together, probably just different
"I'm not the same I'm waiting for the tram"
But stop empty and flashing lights
The mood is always this time of year
It's cold and so lonely without you
Only themes about love have become commonplace
But not a word about it, it somehow did not really
Teach me the pure love of Indian guru
To stop being a stupid fool in love
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