sp▲in – You're dreaming

Author: sp▲in
Name: You're dreaming

Song Lyrics

Barely awake,
E2-E4 has made progress,
It remains to finish the line.

But yours is over the Energizer, I came to an end,
Mimo is a man writhes with laughter.
You see only smiles on their faces,
And suddenly you realize that you dreamed it.

You woke up, washed, shaved, squeeze,
I stepped on a cat, my wife and I had a row,
Reconciled with his wife, he had a row with the traffic police,
And suddenly I discovered that you dream about it.

 You go to work, leaving work,
 Gradually forgetting where and who you are,
 Always forgetting where and who you are.
 Forever forget that you this
   G + 7 G + D 7 D
 Dreaming ... dreaming ... You

You dream of a fisherman in the coral reefs,
Unknown hero of Greek mythology.
Molecular physics, atomic energy,
Nude woman, the killer with a shovel.

Christmas tree, space station,
Soap with music, radio with dancing,
Lube, mobile cell,
"Zaporozhets" finally overtaken by "six".

You dream of Tibet is somewhere behind the clouds,
The London club, coffee "Shock" in Amsterdam,
Japanese, twenty-second trick,
Launcher with a nuclear warhead,

 The cave full of diamonds, rubies ...
 You - the most desired, you - the most favorite,
 Your portrait - in the tabloid press on the first page
 And you know, you is
 Dreaming ... dreaming ... You

If somewhere there is a God, he is far from us,
It is Christmas bullet went into the milk.
You yourself will attain that to which everyone wants to here,
And suddenly detects a smile on their faces.

 And your Energizer: he starts again,
 And man again passing laugh,
 And there will be no problems with his wife or with the police,
 And you know what it is you
 Dreaming ...

Loss (guitar)
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