Spaz – I am alone

Author: Spaz
Name: I am alone

Song Lyrics

I am alone in the center of the city, one in the subway,
I am alone, although hundreds are called "bro"
I am alone, like standing in a field spike,
Everyone says that I'm sick - I'm guilty or something ?!
I am alone, even at the festive table,
I am alone, as in Russian roulette, chuck
I am alone, even when she was next to me,
What if she - not her, maybe I'm not that
I do not like to argue, I do not like to quarrel,
Soon all will throw and leave the train in the distance imminent
I deny all, not say a word - which I
With blood on their hands will write their lines you
I am alone, like Robinson Crusoe on his island,
I am alone, like school children fat
I am alone, let him say: One man is no man.
I am alone, I am used to, so I'm so happy

I am alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
Do not ask: what and how - it has hundreds of reasons
I am alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
Do not ask: what and how - it has hundreds of reasons

I am alone in my room, the clock froze
I am alone as solitary confinement
I am alone, I start all over again
It is better to be alone than with just anyone
I fall asleep and wake up as one
I gather one of the hundreds of text paperwork
I go out alone in the evening at home
I am alone, I have lost the habit differently
I'll wait for you, I hope to meet
I still have one, but I am free as the wind
I am alone in this big cold city
I'll get on the roof to write these lines to you
Loneliness: you're alone, and I alone,
But I do not run from it, I enjoy it
Many fans do not decide alone
I am alone, I feel good, I want so much !!
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