ST – Остынь ft. L'One

Author: ST
Name: Остынь ft. L'One

Song Lyrics

ST & L`One - Chill


We forget about the consequences
Our whole life is like under investigation
For every word is responsible
Always bearded and natural
And it has the strength to do more
Fly on, go to sleep later
Mota week to change the city and the hotels
SM in a manner full of slag Yuteya
And one and the same in different cities
All climb out of the skin, to sell more expensive
But Lenin still standing in the squares, trying to catch a taxi
And people do not drink just for fun, but on anguish
Chill out, cool down, cool down
I do not want to, we are not talking clinking glasses to toast
I do not want my daughter to have tried to seduce
My country needs to cool slightly.


I am releasing clouds of smoke
For a long time the clubs are not obsessed
I bit it tonic and gin
Moscow remember me young
Mom, do not sigh so looking after me
I chose the music and the music picked up by
University For me, the subway station
Another, another car, not in another account
I do not fly in the clouds in pink glasses
I went up to heaven, if a long time to go by train
If the city is separated mile
I fly from one to the other end of Russia
It is only against the gray powerless
We would be cool, but we persecuted the life force
People no longer against Larry Flynt
Drum experience like boxers bandage
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