SunSay – diver

Author: SunSay
Name: diver

Song Lyrics

Nothing happens by chance
From the tea leaves to the Mayan.
I close my eyes, I was a diver
That persisting, then taking.
I dive to new heights,
there is no longer need a mask,
me to this sticky honeycomb
does not entail any paint.
And it is not the hive, not a swarm of ant,
gathering themselves like,
we will not give the depth of half
nothing but the comfortable seats,
nothing but colorful wrappers,
nothing but stupidity white smiles,
nothing but old tired phrases
parade and the mistakes of others

I do not see flashing screens,
only I see who is holy, and who muten.
I do not know do not lie, do not doubt,
I shower in fact useless
I was born and died a hundred times,
and was the father of the child's eyes,
I saw as I left,
I remember how I cried loudly
It was an old woman, a free bird
He was a scholar, and a slave trader,
lonely black singer
I overtook and ran after him.
was water .. under the feet of Jesus
and changing the strange faces
grass jamb was in Sid
and Siddhartha chintz dress.


Nothing happens by chance
from the tea leaves to the Mayan.
I'm a diver from the mirror Inca
without knowing anything about me
long-buried fragments
and the memory does not hurt the hand,
and well-fed sleepy wolves
die of boredom
Artificial air sold
and children from hunger swell
all your rivers dry up
all your empire crumble
there will be only sea ..
direct ... and strong true.
I'm a diver, do not argue with me,
my tone depth is justified

Depth ...
Depth ...
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