SunSay – Mass Media Corporation

Author: SunSay
Name: Mass Media Corporation

Song Lyrics

We need your hands!
We need your brain!
Your body is weak,
Ideal soft wax!
Choose something that is fashionable!
Look at us!
We likeness of God in concrete and rhinestones!

You can not without us!
We are your new blood!
Your new shoes!
Your new love!
We give you predictions!
Rating idols ?!
And you can not do without us,
A child of the New World!
We Corporation mass media!
We have everything that you need now!
We Corporation mass media!
Everything you need is already with us!

Look how much extra information there.
We filter out everything, leaving only what is necessary for you.
A lot of letters, a lot of numbers, too long sentences,
Here's a brief retelling of a brief retelling!

Admit it, you yourself would not be able to choose in a pile of trash,
What is one thing, but fortunately there are public relations and advertising.
A child of the new world, you do not have to grow up.
All you need is neperestavaya want!
Postponed to the day after their goals and means,
We can extend up to the age your childhood
One or zero?
Yes or No?
OK or Cancel?
Canon or Epson?
Microsoft or Apple?
Dirol or Orbit?
Coca-cola or Pepsi?
One hemisphere just to each of the two proposed
We smoothed the wrinkles, crinkles,
Make your brain like a priest!
And as the appearance and content, Wow!
Clap your hands, baby, sing with us Yo!

We Corporation of mass media!
We have everything that you need now!
We Corporation of mass media!
Everything you need is already with us!

The child of a new world, do not go!
Just think about what awaits us ahead!
Who is going to fight, to work for us?
Do not go, wait, do not turn away the eyes!
Choose yourself friends, heroes of the screen,
President of the king, the Holy father, the tyrant.
We nemozhem without you baby new world!
Do not go! Wait a minute! Here's your new apartment!
Your fancy stuff! Games and laughter!
We have a lot of things! We have enough for all!
All you need is neperestavaya want!
We have a new buzz.
You want to fly?
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