SunSay – No One [2010]

Author: SunSay
Name: No One [2010]

Song Lyrics

I erase the brink of "freedom" - "Prison"
The Many Faces of my father change names
Body - scuba, agile mind,
Mosques around a million tricks

Filling to overflowing labels pocket
I woke up: pockets full of shit

This world we do not support it and the "yes" and "no"
That clearly flies past, goes
That is huge and loud, then it subsides
Disappearing behind the words, if they are not

Do not go, my question is the same:
Who am i? Heaven, thy rest
It warms my brightest stars
Thoughts no audio

If the sky - it's you, why fall?
If I am your land, what else do you want?
Recognizing this void huge eyes,
He looks at himself and sees everything at once

You and me in eternal children
It is written on the old single newspaper,
What gathering dust in the corner and marked by a number,
We were, we are, we are fortunate
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