t3rca – The return of fisherman (# PROSTOBATTL 3r) (vs Grove)

Author: t3rca
Name: The return of fisherman (# PROSTOBATTL 3r) (vs Grove)

Song Lyrics

Do not you got there, a friend,
if you decided to do this go to the battlovy forest, deep,
Females of each barrel is dangerous out there,
all the animals in pairs, jackals,
They eat each other.

Fishing for big fish came to dinner, neet, too boldly walked the earth,
In this area so full of wild beasts,
they will not keep your fishing line.
Fishing for big fish came to dinner, laughter,
 He did not realize that she has no weight,
Here I am the most venomous cunning snake tell you about local

Ponagotovili corrosive sorts of rhymes,
sharpen your style,
to put a man in the street in the back for no reason,
Do not even think to start immediately or bychit zakosit,
Such bulls there will bite at times,
because for the track, he mumbles.
See above, there are flying Diss to all edges
Few people offend,
but there may be in you and in me, then.
Why the surrendered it to you?
I spend the exit without bloodshed while there is a third.

I see you're clever, many in the area,
 immediately I took on the bluff,
Rabbit dressed skin of a tiger, ClassiC`a genre parodied roar
Few people here know,
as well as small for the title of old school,
Does mother know that the offspring of unrestrained climbs into a snake hole?

Yes, there is in the area of ​​water bodies and not,
This dress would you bud clown
that confused and Battle arena.
The champion amateur eat and robes,
Apperetivom put poison
-------------------------------------------------- -------------

Yes I've been here, such as it is,
my voice traveled thousands of kilometers to your ears Grove,
What game are you started,
Dozens of words can not even decided to do a quarter of my problems here,
Mothers do not have at hand, the material in misery,
Mathematician ahuel making payment of all our financial activities,
After all, in the last resort,
chose the package with the killing heart.

And since everything is normal ...
We drink poison, turn a bit and catch up with the mind.
We're too different, but life will prevail,
Only once the rotten and fuck you once.

Rotten propaganda in action, rap prejudice,
boy writes the track and waits popularity
Not with you in the clubs favors,
The crowd could not hear the words but happy shakes to the beat, the herd ..
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