terni – The other three (rep. 09.06.2006)

Author: terni
Name: The other three (rep. 09.06.2006)

Song Lyrics

And remember we were living
Jokes laughter shared wine
It seemed to us somehow easier
Cry guitar cries lines
And we did not think did not know
What if all the snow melted in his hands
And everyone has their own way to be
And we have become strangers to each other
It's cold outside and the wind - minus
Places friends pass me by
Benches on the porch cat pipes
How much time they poured remember?
Shoes worn holes in pockets
Fewer we call
Each other less see
We are not the ones that were before
Other steel are older
We are talking about different things we see different
I do not regret anything and everything is not complaining
I have to, I do not run I'm crying
Bled I say die

I wish nothing more to say to you
I will not hide from you
As you want
I no longer have dreams
Long night
long days

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