tetya – About seals and cats.

Author: tetya
Name: About seals and cats.

Song Lyrics

You, my dear, my lovely cat
I will put you in the mouth, I sordelechku
I will put you sausage and sausage
Milk pour into a large bowl you
You are my kitten to eat properly
You have such a slender neck
It is necessary to eat a lot, you have a lot of sleep
To a cat become a huge and thick
Eat my honey, my Fool
For you in the oven roasted hamster
Fish from the aquarium, I'll make some
And you, my lapusenka, gifts
Will you fed, thou shalt be great
And let's go hunt myshoy
We'll catch it and cook soup
With onions and cabbage mouse corpse
After you pour the milk Kampot
Eat careful not to choke
Wow, my mug, meow-meow-Kys Kys
Then you sprinkle kitiket
The longest in the world will be your dinner
Make you big, big cat
Will I be proud of you, and then ...
Mom ... it exploded !!!
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