tetya i ermak – Love that will not happen

Author: tetya i ermak
Name: Love that will not happen

Song Lyrics

I'm a fool, I'm a wimp,
Drowned in a lie.

Why this fear?
How can he live like that?

She is so pure,
And I'm a traitor ..

What should I do, my heart say?
What should I believe? How to prove yourself,
What fear does not last forever, that love is stronger?
And I can not ever learn
Love that does not exist.

Rue, reproach
All remaining age
Or open heart, without melting?

All my life I expect a new meeting

Tell me, my soul!

With whom I can learn embrace the heat?
This I heart is designed as a gift?
And I can not ever learn
Love that will not happen.

Being always be everywhere (Give me a sign)
Next to her (I'll come in a moment)
Or again to hide the face (What did you say something)
And leave?
But I fear that already (Do not go!)
I fail (I dare say not)
Never road to find it.
(My dear) Goodbye and forgive!

We do not find each other in a vacuum
We will not see the sun in the dark.
We will never be able to experience
Love that does not exist.

This gray life
I would like to pay
For love, which will not happen.
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