The Chance – cover minus Lumen - Sid and Nancy

Author: The Chance
Name: cover minus Lumen - Sid and Nancy

Song Lyrics

Vienna road, roads veins
Clippers smear on the brick wall
Fragments of empires, system components,
And the one who was all, he would be nothing.
But we will be together with you,
As Sid and Nancy Sid and Nancy ...
And would not live to see pensions
As Sid and Nancy, Sid and ...
Lanes dust, dust tracks,
White - brave, cunning - too.
He rolled his eyes at the pale skin,
I have a knife, a knife somewhere.
Heroin paradise, and the two of them there,
And we're probably gonna get there.
On the roads of the veins, in the dust lanes
After all, we loved so much, we were ...
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