The whisper - alhimik – Paulo Coelho

Author: The whisper - alhimik
Name: Paulo Coelho

Song Lyrics

"I - King of Salem", - he remembered.
"Why did the king talking with a shepherd?" - Shyly and timidly asked Santiago.
"There are several reasons, but the most important is that you are able to follow their fate."
"What is this fate?" - Asked the young man.
"All the people, while they are still young, they know their fate. And in this period of life, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream and aspire to everything that they want to do. But over time, a mysterious force is taken to convince them that achieve the realization of their fate is impossible strength of this seems unfriendly, but in reality it indicates a person on how to realize your destiny she is preparing for this his spirit and his will to a great truth on this planet -... no matter who you are and what you do when you really something you wish - you will attain this fact is the desire originated in the soul of the universe and it is your mission on earth peace soul feeds happiness of man, happiness, but also grief... , envy, jealousy a person one single important -. to follow their fate until the end of it all And remember that when you have something you want -.. the whole universe will help to ensure that your wish has come true.
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