Tseegun ft. koff – Chameleon-hostrayter

Author: Tseegun ft. koff
Name: Chameleon-hostrayter

Song Lyrics

Chameleon-gostrayter, fuck me for a bit, as he in appearance, but not two-faced, like Harvey. Catch my new release [yeah] and clove of bison as a seal. Column like my sound, so I'm here for a long time. A! It rhymes everything from the word reef, as if in shallow water. You break legs, here tsunami rhymes. [That] I would have paved the way easier, but would be stuck elevator. Not a few friends, but I have one [one]. What girl then I just do not have enough sleep in the bed. I had sent them to fuck. Pizdeli I'm a slacker, it is not so simple even without money. As the drum. [Bam Bam] Fate, seven Fridays in the week, changing plans, as a successful agent. Your mockery of anyone? I do not argue, there's a lot of mirrors. But every so cocky. As if on the contrary, I like everything I see in the reflection.

Our chorus of anything, only that it is empty
And even the rhyme is not only that which is deprived
Not a single Pancha, only that they are not
Even phrases deficit, only what little.

We are not familiar with its laws repom is pain
We addicts blindly with each track more than the amount
Rep simbion like Venom exposing veins standing in the corner
Killed Kashchei breaking egg took the needle

In hell heat to heat the studio and Russian rap as a guide
And waiting for all the rappers in the end of the holy monastery
The walls are impregnated with lies and false AlterEgo
The error you will find the church did not escape without the inferno

Where Roma Koff read about anything hey listeners
Score you will not understand the essence heard a lot of nonsense dirt
Plug your ears enough filth on you, you lied
You let someone jinxed gypsy brown eyes

I wash my hands of large people do not sounds and Bazaar
but not a problem if you remove the stars that the quasar
the excitement went you just have more money
You want to take a horse without asking gypsy middle finger
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