V. O. B. – 10/11/1943

Author: V. O. B.
Name: 10/11/1943

Song Lyrics

Meshali blood and earth together.
There was no truce of intermediate.
There is no place there for fear and love.
There's just a cry from the crowd ". For the Motherland Let's be patient!"
And the mountain of corpses, tears and crying.
There's life is dirty, she has a dog.
For the bullet to fight until the end,
For the breath and in all after death.
And the souls of those who are made of lead
Lying in the mud lying Immortal.
To give his life for the catcher,
Trapper ideas and hopes of the young.
No joy and no soul,
Here, the pain hit covenants
Stronger than the dawn.
She hit the thorns without light,
And it does not kolyhnut mladye great.
They lie, but the spirit of them immortal.
Thanks to those who deduct heart,
Who said that in the past century.
In fire and in the battles to the end,
She lived the dream of a new summer.
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