v tochku--- – Through the work and pain (in the player repchina jogging in the morning light at sunrise)

Author: v tochku---
Name: Through the work and pain (in the player repchina jogging in the morning light at sunrise)

Song Lyrics

hiding under the hood of a stern look
somewhere in the depths of the timer bursting charge
ego motivation is the result of a personal record
It has become a priority, without ulterior motives sport

Sample top grade score with the first approach
repchina player in the morning light jogging at sunrise
fuck on the weather forecast nistobilny income
when the lungs breathe pure oxygen

from one year to work on willpower
respect in the face of loved ones worthy
mad warrior soar like a hawk in the sky
only the maximum diligence leads to victory

fists like whistling whip goal for yourself said
like the wind in the left jaw by hand met
sotrisaesh ashes leaving no chance
after a series of hard shots to keep balance


through the blood and sweat - in hope aspire to the goal
through the blood and sweat - with estimates of a certain
through work and pain - as an icebreaker you break the ice floe
through work and pain - as a climber you go to the top

reaching the goal through thick and thin
okrapivshie tatami and the rings of his blood and sweat
hard work, regardless of the time of year
It will be the result of those who did not come down with the ship

another jerk and you're a step up mate
It aims to win just pull the trigger
it is difficult and time well, you're all the same could
tired and too lazy to grind into powder

apgreyt his body loads is no limit
give rebuff to the enemy so as to chump flew
sports training changed consciousness
turning into reality a wild desire

It will take more than one year and that will be exactly the
spilling sweat will show results
today it has become fashionable simple word sport
but strong guys were already many years ago

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