valentina ryazanova – Grandma Akulina

Author: valentina ryazanova
Name: Grandma Akulina

Song Lyrics

Grandma Akulina cunning eyes,
Sponges, like raspberries, grandmother fidget
Good to a miracle, God is not deprived
Grandma Akulina young idol.

Viburnum bloom, garden foliage rustles,
Grandma Akulina, have fun with you.
Viburnum bloom, garden foliage rustles,
Grandma Akulina fun with you

On any feast grandmother toastmaster,
Whispered the old lady - do not take years
And in the hours around, oh, edrёna mother
Akulina us can dance.


Today marks the anniversary of the grandmother,
It doted old Pantelei,
Behind it all are happy to walk for honor
Well, that next Akulina there.

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