valeriy porivaev – Donbass Defenders

Author: valeriy porivaev
Name: Donbass Defenders

Song Lyrics

Do you remember, Alesha, roads Donbass,
Our little unbeaten checkpoint.
It was plowed by explosions track,
And the corpses of friends filled graveyard.

Do you remember the Red punitive Liman
Svetku dishonor under the cry of the mother.
When strangled her on the couch,
In the room the old man threw a grenade.

Do you remember in Slavyansk bloody dew,
Sinister collar around town.
We smoldered under the onslaught of a cigarette,
But the finger is not removed from the hammer.

Do you remember the night we bombed Castle,
As a mother of young splinter killed,
As the hot summer we seemed hell
Water is scarce, cartridges and forces.

Do you remember crying wife killed,
As we have vowed to avenge their husbands,
And for the sake of heroes buried in the graves,
Pressed enemy stronger and stronger.

I saw the greatness of the Russian spirit
In the eyes of every grandmother, each widow.
Scarecrow not their hunger and devastation,
And that does not dig ditches in fields.

And, taking the weak hands, shovels,
Traps for the technology they dug
And died on the front lines, soldiers,
Not sparing himself in those war days.

Do you remember, Alyosha, how Russian people
Many thousands of troops to take a punch,
As bullets greeted broad chest,
And the melted metal in the heart rather than wax.

War can appease many heroes,
Having rest in the distant heavenly country ...
We glorify their memory, tune a guitar,
Play on bitterly ringing string.
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