varya strijak – Tomato

Author: varya strijak
Name: Tomato

Song Lyrics

PE. Matendra.
Matendra. Liter.
From morning to evening.
And again in the morning.
Russian. English.
The change is near.
Pens. Notebooks.
In vain time wasting.

Physics. Chemist.
Chemistry. Physiognomy.
What kind of dissonance?
Some kind of collision?

Friends. Girlfriends.
Yawn of boredom.
Flour science.
Newtons. Leeuwenhoek.
Pushkin. Gogol.
We do not learn much?
Did asked a lot?
So that we have fallen into a swoon?

What punishment?
From morning to evening.
We have to do that if there is nothing?

School. Lyceum.
Lyceum. Grammar school.
School - it's horror.
Continuous disgrace.
Section. Mugs.
Mugs. Electives.
Learn every day.
No prospects.

How much time?
At nine o'clock.
Desk. Call.
Textbook. Lesson.
Teacher. Board.
Green longing.
Ratings. Control.
Rulers triangular.

Tests. Educational program.
Zero sections.
Red ink
Do not wash with soap and water.

I am not against the school.
They have their fun.
Girlfriends. Friends.
And after September.
Interest falls.
One pleases me.
Suffer still long.
I even know how much.
March. April. May.
Holidays. Paradise.

School. Lyceum.
Lyceum. Grammar school.
School - it is light.
Science diversity.
Section. Mugs.
Mugs. Electives.
Learn every day.
Solid prospects.
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