viktoriya_volturi – Against impotence

Author: viktoriya_volturi
Name: Against impotence

Song Lyrics

Vstup .: Em, Am, H7

You know, there is no remedy against impotence.
All my searches again to no avail.
I hate the thought of his delirium,
I hate that calls back,

In the gray quiet autumn in a cold rain.
Then I'm clinging to the threads of life,
I did not take the rope and - God - a knife,
I do not drown these stupid thoughts.

What was lost is no longer wake up.
So why you are calling my soul?
You, as I do not want to live a long time,
Thoughts keep in his old notebook.

You do not sleep at night - not before.
You are looking for something that suddenly will cure impotence,
It comes only by depriving all
What you stored carefully and appreciated.

You do not give up. You're not me.
You are so strong, you boldly forward looking ...
I believe the required means poison.
I'm leaving. Farewell. For all forgive.
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