vladimir visockiy – Monologue Hlopuši (Mix)

Author: vladimir visockiy
Name: Monologue Hlopuši (Mix)

Song Lyrics

X l o p y sha

Mad, mad bloody murk!
What are you? Death? Ile Healing cripples?
Spend, spend me to him,
I want to see this man.
I'm three days and three nights looking for your umt,
The clouds from the north poured stone pile.
Praise him! Let it not Peter!
The mob violence of his love for and removed.
I'm three days and three nights wandering along the paths,
In solonets dug eyes luck,
The wind my hair like straw, ruffled
And flails rain threshed.
But embittered heart will never get lost,
This head with the neck myself wealthy difficult.
Orenburg dawn camel krasnosherstnoy
Dawn dropped her milk in my mouth.
And clumsy cold udder through the darkness
I hold, like bread, for centuries exhausted.
Spend, spend me to him,
I want to see this man.

W a r y b and n

Who are you? Who! We do not know you!
What do you need in our camp?
Why are your eyes,
As the two continued male,
Tossed restlessly in salt moisture?
What you came to tell him?
Wicked eh, eh good shines out of the mouth vspurga?
They cut through there to Asia rebels?
Or like rabbits, running from Orenburg?

X l o p y w a

Where is he? Where? Is it not?
Harder than the stones, I carried my soul.
Oh, for a long time, you know, forgotten in this country
About desperate villain and rogue Khlopusha.
Laugh, man!
In your gloomy camp
Sends a wonderful scouts.
I was a convict, and convict,
He was a murderer and forger.

But always after all, always because if early, whether late
Arrange payment traps thorns.
Clad in shoes and pulled his nostrils
Son of a peasant Tver province.
Ten years -
Do you know, ten years? -
That ostrozhnichal I, the hobo.
This warm meat was wearing skeleton
On obschipku as down swan.

The line l with the fact that I wanted to live?
What cruelty heart weary frown?
Oh, my dear,
For the landlord man -
It was like a sheep that chicken.
Daily prayer at dawn yellow coffin,
Shackles I sucked blue hands ...
Suddenly, three nights ago ... ... Governor Reynsdorp,
As runaway sheet
Take off to my cell ...
"Look, a convict!
(What he said.)
One only you will believe me.
There feather grass expanse of roaring thunder,
From which shakes the whole empire,
There's a crook, scoundrel and a thief
Pleases reared Russian horde of robbers,
And noble head whips ax -
How birch dome
In the forest monastery.
Of course, you will manage to put a knife in him?
(So ​​he said, so he told me.)
It is for this service you will find freedom
In silver zazvyakaet pockets rather than stones. "

Already three nights, three nights, making his way through the darkness,
I'm looking for his camp, and there is nobody to ask me.
Spend, spend me to him,
I want to see this man!
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