yadovitaya repchina – details

Author: yadovitaya repchina
Name: details

Song Lyrics

We prsto different parts of the mechanism, some fly high other quite low, the life of the great theater you're in it the actress, and I like a fool waiting for you behind the scenes, cast across the room, threw a blade where I would be if not for pride, feeling tired nerves of steel to the bottom, while time heals swaps, the opposite is now the game is worth the candle, less incentive to SMS, fewer meetings, zhzhech each other's eyes and not see the truth because we love to hate ... your principles but it rusts iron. ..tvoi images with time as the ice melts, I'm not an angel, and you are far from being a saint ... it was hard but held the defense, did not you Karaleva though you are the crown ... I paid in full leaving himself zdachi dosvedaniya not let luck and goodbye ...
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