yamich i vostochniy okrug – Hammer (2012)

Author: yamich i vostochniy okrug
Name: Hammer (2012)

Song Lyrics

Fuck sit sad, it is better go thump,
Whistle, gesture, let the sadness comes in pussy.
Your image of my brain no longer fuck,
And now, back in December, the eleventh year.
Release finally, Doha is not released, cooled,
Heart was cold, healed until melted.
And now I along pussy without naebalova,
All that was between us, to push the pain ceased.
I learned how to fall asleep without you, wake up,
Without love, romance, I find than killed.
I went as a year ebanat and he talked with them,
Fake smile to people fucking Jam.
A year without you, your face before my eyes,
Pile lavehi year on the buzz merged with boys.
So would this song fuck me to write in fact,
But accelerated routine brought me to the studio.
I forgot you so three hundred sixty five days,
All told, around heifers "Look!", And you're about it.
And then fucked up, suddenly, call, I looked at the display,
Your numbers, bitch, "Fuck do not take it, bro, forget it!"
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