yuliya beretta i andrey gubin – Only for you

Author: yuliya beretta i andrey gubin
Name: Only for you

Song Lyrics

I look into your eyes,
If I could say,
How to miss you.
Somewhere in a foreign country,
You will forget about me,
But I'll stay with you.
Words unnecessary lines,
Heart to pieces.
All wrong, all wrong.
Day to night looks like,
But, tell me all the same - why, why?

I'm just for you,
So I loved,
By rising above the sky.
I'm so tired of waiting,
I want to understand,
Where in the world is happiness hear.
I'm just for you.
It is a pity that, leaving
Bitter tears of my not see.
I'm so tired of waiting,
I would like to know where on earth is happiness hear.

Heart again waiting for the spring,
About you color dreams until the morning disturbed again.
But captive alien love
you do not say to me,
Our most gentle words.
All will take place maybe
And the crowd of passers-by,
I run, keeping the pain.
Through the wrong person,
To explain
And I say this.
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