yunga – live

Author: yunga
Name: live

Song Lyrics

You were not in New York City
The maximum in the New Yorker
She worked at the box office
In the summer and in September

After study
To be able to then
relationship show
bought iPhone

This is a tragedy
When the name is in the cafe boast
In front of you
While vacationing in Nice

And usually you blush,
After all, surely
They do not know -
You do not have zagrannika

Such a life
On the morning of the subway crowd
You're a couple of years ago
She arrived in the capital

sometimes shame
Write these stupid profiles
Father - longshoreman
Mom sells newspapers

And instagramme
The smiles of your friends,
All cars
Laid-back leisure

You know, do not cry
Fate - a woman walks,
The main thing,
What do you real ...

How are you with
glowing light
This ... Live ...
Being human
In this light,
Not just ... I know ...

You can not
Do not answer the phone
And if you have not taken
call back later

With you just
It can be in the thick of
Just you mom
I learn to be a man

I will not lie
Maybe you will not
serious lady
Who do you wish to see yourself

And you will not show
Children jammed albums
Old photos
Of the new cars

Yes, it will be difficult
This is certainly
But you do not throw
Close your way

If they
Will your burden
ask for money
Or a heavy load

Lay down on the bed
After an illness
When you can wait
Only penny pension

You know, do not cry
The fate of a woman whore
the main thing
What are you real
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