zalech na dno v bryugge – Harry and Ken at the cafe 1

Author: zalech na dno v bryugge
Name: Harry and Ken at the cafe 1

Song Lyrics

Harry - Well?

Ken: The guy on the verge of suicide, Garri.On walking mertvets.Vsё not be silent about Hell and Purgatory ...

Harry: Yesterday, on the phone, I did tell you, "Ken, do me a favor and become Ray's personal psychiatrist." No. I think I asked you: "Ken, would you carry it fucking Bosko" "He's on the verge?" I'm on the verge of.. You're on the verge. All fucking on the verge of suicide! We are not idle talk about it. He himself had already killed? Net.Znachit he did not fucking suitsidnik, is not it?

Ken - This morning he put to his head charged stvol.Ya stopped him.

Harry - He ... what? Just zaebis!

Ken - We were in the park ...

Harry - I understand correctly .. You were in the park And that's fucking do with it? So I understand correctly: you have not only refused to kill the guy, but also did not give the guy kill himself, that would solve my problem would solve your problem, and apparently would solve the problem of the boy.

Ken - It would not solve his problem.

Harry - Ken, if I killed the child, accidentally or not, I wish I did not think long would kill himself right on the same fucking meste.Na the same fucking place !. to put his gun in his mouth at the same fucking place.

Ken - Is that you, Harry. And boy have the opportunity to change. The guy can make their lives more dignified.

Harry - I'm sorry, Ken, but I can change.

Ken - Yes, you can, you can be even worse than the whore.

Harry - And, this is what we got ..

Ken - Harry, let's be honest. I'm not joking and I do not want to be disrespectful, but you're an asshole. You're an asshole right now, and you were always an asshole. And the only thing that will change is that you will become an even greater asshole. And maybe even more children zavedёsh assholes.

- Do not interfere whore here my children, they are not to blame! You fucking take back my words about my fucking asshole!

-I Take back his words on your fucking assholes

-Oskorblyat My fucking kids! This is too much, buddy!

-I Fact took back his words ... But you're still a condom.

Yes, I understand your mother ... Where is Ray now?

Ken - Well, right now, Ray is in one of a million other cities in Europe, but not here.

Translated Leno Ryazi phahahaha))
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